November 11, 2021

A holistic approach to connect real-time business data where it lives and empower more information workers than ever before in a simply and securely without years of investment in data warehouse or reporting projects

SEATTLE, Washington USA – November 11, 2021 Datafi, the Data Enablement company, today unveiled Datafi Cloud. Datafi Cloud redefines how information workers can simply and securely discover and leverage data important to their organization. Datafi Cloud enables use of data through  familiar interfaces,  browser and  no-code mini applications. It allows information workers to safely share and collaborate with internal and external data stakeholders,  empowering organizations to increase their data knowledge, deliver powerful new business insights and achieve deeper understanding of their organization in real-time.

Datafi Cloud innovations:

  • Expedite time to insight and value. Information workers can now search for and securely use any connected business data directly through a familiar interface without the need for third-party clients. Data views can be easily customized and securely shared with internal or external data stakeholders. In addition, Datafi Cloud makes it quick and simple for information workers to securely store, use and share user generated data files alongside other structured and SaaS business data. Making it possible to start to enrich and unlock value from virtually any data type in a matter of minutes.

  • Connect to data where it lives. Data lives everywhere within the organization and Datafi makes it possible to connect structured, semi-structured, on premise and SaaS sourced data where it lives through a real-time high-performance and scalable data control plane hosted within Datafi Cloud or by the customer.

  • Enhance security, control and compliance. Datafi Cloud provides the capabilities required to manage the risk associated with increased data access. It features a robust policy-driven, unified data access, authentication and authorization foundation. Thus provides granular data visibility, control and audit to ensure business data governance and regulatory data compliance.

  • Data-centric applications without code. Simple data applications provide powerful capabilities to build upon the core capabilities of Datafi Cloud. Non-technical users can create data applications using no-code elements and pre-defined data recipes to powerfully improve their data workflows. Data applications reduce resource dependencies, complexities and traditional administrative overhead. Currently in private preview, with public release coming soon.

  • 360 view of the organization. Datafi Cloud makes it possible for organizations to enrich their internal and external business data with public data directly through Datafi Cloud. A virtually unlimited amount of public data can be directly connected to the customer workspace. An ever increasing number of public data sources will be added over time and continue to enhance the holistic view of customer organizations.

Datafi customers are already leveraging the Datafi Cloud’s capabilities and increasing their operational efficiencies and organizational knowledge with immediate time to value. No longer is it necessary to consolidate business data to find new insights or for business data to be accessible only by data workers with special skills and tools – business data is now approachable by all information workers in a simple and secure way.


Dave Tempero, former Senior Director of IT at Nintendo of America said. “Datafi Cloud enables access to different types of business data through an intuitive interface that also applies access policies, anonymization and access audit is a big win for enterprise and mid-size companies.  With the explosion in data across all organizations, Datafi Cloud provides a solution to help companies let the consumers of data access it and unleash its potential.”


In addition to Datafi Cloud innovations to simply and securely make data more accessible and meaningful to everyone within the organization, it continues to build upon the initial product capabilities through a partner ecosystem. Solution providers interested in learning more about the Datafi Partner Program should contact us here


About Datafi

Datafi enables any organization to do more with their data in a simple and secure way by connecting their data where it lives and allowing every data worker to easily find, use and share business data. Customers use the Datafi Cloud to unlock the value of their data, for everyone in the organization, not just the skilled few. Datafi delivers a holistic data platform as a scalable service as a pay-as-you-use consumption based cost model. Learn more at

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